ABOUT - Chris Spicks


At Chris Spicks Photography, we combine state of the art equipment, creative talent, and the knowledge to capture the perfect shot, every time.

Chris Spicks is our lead photographer, with 22 years of experience and the highest tech camera. He approaches each project individually to make sure the client’s goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Red (The Right Hand) is our in house modeling coach and production manager. She will help you pose, run background control, and put finishing touches on the scene.

Our team is always ready to grab the moment in a photo. From wildly creative editorial images, to clean and simple headshots, we guarantee you will be thrilled with our results.

We find beauty in everyday life! So if you’re celebrating an event let us capture that experience for you. Your child is turning 5? Call us. Your company’s picnic is right around the corner?
We can be found there too. Need a photo to WOW in an advertisement? That’s so us.

Contact us today to see what the Chis Spicks Photography experience is all about!


Chris utilizes 22 years of photography, marketing, and art direction experience to create a carefully crafted final image. Natural light, complex flash, underwater, aerial, time lapse, the list of his talents goes on.  Gifted with a basic ability to see a vision and know how to pull it off.  Some of his best shots have taken place at very odd places.  You don't need to go to a crowded park and fight with other people to get beauty. He has taken amazing photos at a truck stop or on the side of the road (see the photo of Red below). You show up, he has the vision.


Red (my right hand) has been modeling for almost 15 years, and coaching models for quite a while. Worried about 'what do i do with my hands'.. we have you covered. Having a talented pose coach is vital when doing complex shots, having someone who can come physically help you move rather than a photographer telling you something from 20 feet away saves everyone time.

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