J&K Wedding - Chris Spicks

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Hello All!  We had such a great time taking photos at this wedding.  Everyone was so fun and engaging, it was nearly impossible to take a bad photo. We want to thank you for allowing us to share the night with you as it truly ranks in our top 2 weddings that we enjoyed shooting. (#1 was the wedding in Big Bend, but that's hard to compete with).So, the photos are here, you have full permission to download, share, and do with as you please.  There is a BUY button, you do not HAVE to use it. Most of these photos will download at a high enough resolution to print 8x10's with no problem.  IF you want to purchase them, feel free to.  We do not make money off of printing, but the printer is a high quality printer. and the prints do not have any watermark on them.

We do ask that if you post these on social media, give us a shout, our work is spread through word of mouth.Instagram @crispix396 or Facebook - @Chris-Spicks-Photography

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