Chris Spicks

Three gymnasts creatively pose for a photo in a gymnastics studio captured by Houston Photographer, Chris Spicks Photography.

Behind the camera at Chris Spicks Photography is the remarkable Chris Spicks himself, an accomplished photographer renowned for his creative vision and artistic flair. His diverse portfolio, encompassing everything from vivid travel photos and dynamic roller derby portraits to polished corporate imagery, has gained multiple accolades and publications.

Chris's extensive background in advertising and marketing has sharpened his ability to not only capture stunning images but also weave compelling visual narratives. He excels in balancing aesthetic beauty with practical appeal, whether it's for captivating photography or impactful advertising, all while mastering intricate editing processes.

With a career spanning over 27 years, Chris has dedicated his life to his photographic passion, viewing the world through a lens of curiosity and creativity. His photographic odyssey has led him through the varied terrains of the Americas and Europe, chronicling a rich tapestry of life's moments. And there's no slowing down – his quest for capturing the essence of life promises even more adventures and stories in the future.

When he's not shooting photography, Chris is likely to be found indulging in his other passions – shooting pool, shooting tequila, or exploring the latest haunts around town.


A woman with colorful hair and piercings.

Red, our dynamic production manager at Chris Spicks Photography, is the cornerstone of our project planning and execution. As your primary contact, she'll expertly guide you through your photography journey with us. Her extensive experience working alongside Chris on a diverse array of photoshoots has given her a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in organizing and executing both simple and intricate photo sessions.

With a background of over 10 years in modeling, Red brings a unique perspective to our team. Her insights into posing and a meticulous eye for detail ensure that every shoot captures the perfect balance of artistry and authenticity.

Red's role extends beyond logistics; she's dedicated to creating a seamless and comfortable experience for our clients. Her deep understanding of the photography process helps in making sure your session is not just successful but also enjoyable.

Outside of photography, Red's artistic nature finds expression in calligraphy, a hobby that showcases her love for detail and aesthetics. Her serene presence and artistic sensibility are a vital part of our studio's atmosphere, contributing to a harmonious and smooth workflow during shoots.

At Chris Spicks Photography, Red's blend of organizational acumen, artistic insight, and calming energy helps to create an environment where clients can relax and enjoy the process of creating beautiful images.


Matthew Kelly

A black and white photo of a man in a suit and sunglasses captured by Chris Spicks Photography.

Matthew Kelly, a key photographer at Chris Spicks Photography, embarked on his photographic journey at the tender age of 14. His first camera, received amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Grand Canyon, sparked a lifelong passion for capturing the world through his lens. Photography runs in his blood, being a proud successor in a lineage of four generations of photographers. This rich heritage has instilled in him an intrinsic ability to capture authentic moments and skillfully play with light to produce breathtaking images.

His portfolio, a testament to his versatility and artistic eye, spans across vibrant travel photography, emotive roller derby portraits, and professional corporate shoots. Each piece of his work is celebrated for its ability to tell a story and has been featured in numerous publications.

Matthew's deep-seated knowledge in photography, enriched by his ancestral legacy, is further complemented by his appreciation for the nuances of contrast and color saturation. These elements bring a distinctive vibrancy and life to his photos.

Beyond his technical expertise, Matthew is known for his ability to connect with his subjects, crafting personalized photoshoots that align seamlessly with their objectives. He believes in capturing more than just images; he captures emotions and narratives, making each photo a unique piece of art.

When he’s not behind the camera, Matthew continues to explore and embrace life's adventures, always on the lookout for the next captivating moment to capture.


A man holding a light bulb.

Cody stands as a vital member of the team at Chris Spicks Photography, having risen impressively to the role of Assistant #1 through dedication and hard work. Known for his unwavering commitment, Cody has become an indispensable part of our operations, whether skillfully positioning lights in challenging environments or tirelessly managing live photo printing at events.

His journey in photography began under the mentorship of Chris Spicks, where he discovered and refined his passion for lighting. This has led him to often assume the role of a second shooter, continuously expanding his skill set and contributing to the studio’s diverse projects.

Cody's presence brings more than just technical skill to our team. He is the embodiment of a calm and artistic spirit. His love for calligraphy, often seen in his pursuit of new inks and pens, adds a unique dimension to his creative approach in photography.

His tranquil nature not only complements the artistic atmosphere of our studio but also ensures a smooth and serene workflow during shoots. His knack for detail and aesthetics, combined with his organizational skills, makes every photoshoot a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Cody's contribution to Chris Spicks Photography transcends his role; his artistic soul and calming presence are integral to our team, enhancing the overall harmony and success of our photography projects.

Raj "Nitro"

A man working on a white box in a studio.

The moment we witnessed Raj’s meticulous approach to photography, it was clear he was a perfect fit for our team at Chris Spicks Photography. His dedication to the minutiae and commitment to capturing each shot precisely as envisioned is truly remarkable.

Raj has quickly become an invaluable asset, particularly in the realm of product photography. His keen eye for detail and creative vision have not only produced stunning images but have also played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of numerous products. His portfolio is further adorned with work featuring nationally recognized models, showcasing his versatility and skill in different photography genres.

Additionally, Raj’s talents extend beyond the camera. His involvement in the rebranding of a well-known national retail chain demonstrates his ability to contribute strategically. His innovative ideas have significantly streamlined operations and boosted productivity, reflecting his multifaceted capabilities.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Raj as part of the Chris Spicks Photography team. His expertise, passion for perfection, and creative input continue to be invaluable assets to our collective success.

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