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Chris Spicks

Three gymnasts creatively pose for a photo in a gymnastics studio captured by Houston Photographer, Chris Spicks Photography.

Leading the lens at Chris Spicks Photography is none other than Chris Spicks himself, a masterful photographer and a visionary in creativity and artistry. With an impressive portfolio that spans travel snapshots, captivating roller derby portraits, and sophisticated corporate photography, Chris's work has been celebrated and published numerous times.

His extensive career, deeply rooted in advertising and marketing, has honed his skills in not just capturing images but in crafting visual stories with purpose. Chris possesses a keen eye for framing beauty and utility alike, be it for an enchanting photo or a compelling advertisement, coupled with an expertise in executing complex editing techniques.

For over 27 years, Chris has lived his passion, viewing the world through his camera lens. His journey has taken him across the diverse landscapes of the Americas and Europe, capturing life's myriad moments, with a promise of many more adventures and stories to be documented in the years to come. When not shooting photos, you can find him shooting pool, shooting tequila and exploring new places around town.


A woman with colorful hair and piercings.

Meet Red, the dynamic production manager at the heart of our operations. Often the first point of contact for clients, Red is the go-to person for discussing and planning your project. Her extensive collaboration with Chris across a myriad of shoots has given her a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in organizing and executing complex photo sessions.

Red's decade-long experience as a model isn't just about being in front of the camera; it's where she's honed her keen sense of posing and developed an exceptional eye for detail. These skills are invaluable in every shoot, ensuring everything is picture-perfect.

More than just managing the logistics, Red is dedicated to creating a seamless and comfortable experience for you during the shoot. Her intuitive grasp of the entire photographic process means every detail is anticipated and every moment flows smoothly.

Beyond photography, Red is deeply passionate about sociology and philosophy. In her downtime, she's often found engrossed in studying cloud formations, reflecting her fascination with the natural world and the deeper questions of life."

This version of the bio maintains the key points about Red's role and expertise, while also adding a touch of narrative flair to bring her personality and interests to life.


A black and white photo of a man in a suit and sunglasses captured by Chris Spicks Photography.

Matthew Kelly's photographic journey began at the age of 14 with a camera in hand amidst the grand vistas of the Grand Canyon, marking the start of a lifelong passion. Photography runs deep in his veins, being the latest in a lineage of four generations of photographers. This heritage has endowed him with an innate skill for capturing genuine moments and masterfully manipulating light to create stunning images.

Matthew's work is characterized by a keen appreciation for the interplay of contrast and vibrant color saturation, bringing a lively and dynamic quality to his photos. His versatility as a photographer is evident in his wide-ranging portfolio, capturing everything from intimate moments among friends and family to the high-energy thrills of large concerts and sporting events.

More than just a photographer, Matthew is a storyteller who takes the time to understand his clients. He excels in creating personalized photoshoots that are tailored precisely to their needs, ensuring that each session is as unique as the story it tells.


A man holding a light bulb.

Cody, known for his dedication and talent, has risen through the ranks to become our esteemed Assistant #1. His journey has been marked by a commendable willingness to do whatever it takes, whether it's skillfully positioning a light in the most challenging of spots or managing live-printing at events with unflagging enthusiasm.

Initially drawn to the art of photography under Chris's mentorship, Cody has developed a keen understanding of lighting, a critical aspect of photography. This knowledge has fueled his passion and led him to frequently take on the role of second shooter, continuously honing his skills.

Beyond his technical abilities, Cody brings a serene and artistic essence to our team. With a deep interest in calligraphy, he often finds himself exploring new pens and inks, adding to his creative repertoire. His calm and artistic spirit not only enriches our team but also contributes to the harmonious atmosphere during shoots, ensuring everything runs smoothly and positively.

Cody's presence at Chris Spicks Photography is not just about the skills he brings; it's about the unique energy he adds, seamlessly aligning with our vibe and enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

Raj "Nitro"

A man working on a white box in a studio.

From the first moment we saw Raj in action, his methodical and detail-oriented approach to photography left us in no doubt that he was a perfect addition to the Chris Spicks Photography team. Raj is not just a photographer; he is an artisan of the lens, meticulously crafting each shot to align precisely with his creative vision.

Raj stands out as our premier product photographer. His remarkable attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of any product have made him an invaluable member of our team. His portfolio is impressively diverse, including striking photographs of nationally renowned models and significant contributions to our projects with major retail brands.

His work in rebranding a nationally recognized retail chain is a testament to his versatile talents. Raj has not only brought his photographic expertise to the table but also innovative strategies that have streamlined operations and boosted productivity.

Having Raj as a part of our team at Chris Spicks Photography is a privilege. His relentless pursuit of perfection, combined with his creative ingenuity, makes every project he works on a step above. Raj’s passion and precision continually elevate our photographic work to new heights.

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