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We love to take photography of all types and we find beauty in everything.  We often hear this question, "Do you photograph _____?" and the answer is YES.  We have been taking beautiful photos professionally for 23 years, and the skill that comes with that applies to everything you could imagine.  Thank you for giving us a click, now lets see how we can work together. 

Make sure and look at our portfolio and follow us on Instagram here to catch specials and be inspired!  Now, give us a call - 832-722-0396. 

Below are some common questions and answers.

A woman in a black and white outfit posing elegantly in front of a vibrant purple wall, captured through the lens of Chris Spicks Photography. The Houston Photographer beautifully showcases his talents for Creative

A few quick answers to our most common questions:

1: Do you have a studio? 

Yes we do, our studio is located in the warehouse arts area downtown. We can photograph up to 7 people in our space (probably more, but we like the number 7).  

2: Can you come to me?
Absolutely, we have a full mobile studio. What is a mobile studio? We have 4 battery operated studio lights (not tiny flashes) that allow us to turn any location into a full blown studio experience.

3: Do you have packages?
Yes we do. Above you will see the Packages tab. If you would like a custom quote, feel free to send us  an email. We realize every project does not fit into packages.

4: Do you have any props?
We do not have a lot of props. Should you want something specific, let us know and we may be able to find something for you.  Sometimes I find props to be a little 'basic',  however sometimes a perfect prop is... perfect.  The same goes with wardrobe. There is no way that we would have an outfit for every identity, body type. If we did the clothing would be very basic and not speak to YOU, which is what we want to capture.  Take this time to go buy a new shirt, a new outfit, that fancy pair of shoes, and lets capture you in them.

4: What will I get? 
We are not like most photographers. We do not charge a sitting fee and then charge for everything else. If you shoot with us, you will automatically receive at least 2 high res fully retouched digital files from your shoot (we can also print them for you) depending on the package you choose.

5: How long will the process take?
On average, a simple portrait will take about an hour. If you want to get artistic, or try on several outfits, it can take more time.  When we are done and you leave, we will load photos into the computer and go through them and find the obvious bad ones (sometimes we blink, it is natural) and do some basic adjustments. Within 48 hours we will send you a link to preview your photos. Here you can look through the 'good' photos and choose your favorites included with your package.  (You can always choose more) From there, we start editing your final choices into the works of art that we are proud to put our name on.  Within the next 4 days we will deliver the digital files to you. Shoot to finish is usually under a week depending on how complex your desired editing is.

6: How do we schedule?
Give us a call and let's talk about your shoot, then we will find a day and time that works best for everyone.  We do request a small deposit (25% of your session).

7: How do I contact you NOW!
Easy, give us a call: 832-722-0396 or send us an email: [email protected]

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