• lululemon event photos
  • Gala event photography after the Rodeo
  • Sysco team after a successful townhall event
  • Executive goes over corporate event slide show at a town hall
  • Parish School holds a luncheon for its members
  • BHP Billiton gave back to the community and built a new garden area for a school for blind children
  • Houston Pride Walk Fashion Show 2019

Corporate Event Photography

You work hard to put these events together, we make sure you remember it

With all the stresses of planning that go into an event, photography doesn’t have to be one of them. We are quick on our feet and friendly, which are the two best qualities you need for event photography. With most corporate events being annual affairs, you can rely on us to show up consistently and be a familiar face to your guests to ensure the best candids of your event. With a full team we can photograph your event, as well as set up a backdrop for individual or couples photos. We also have the ability to print 4”x6” images on location, as long as we have an electrical outlet or two! These photographs end up being lovely souvenirs for your guests and a way to remember the affair for years to come. (This option is especially popular for holiday parties)

Questions From Us

  • Where will the event be held?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Indoors or Outdoors?
  • Will someone be able to tell us who the important people are?
  • Would you like us to bring Studio Lighting or just shoot Candid photos? (Need help deciding, we can share samples)
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Photographing a fashion show
Catching the gala organizers Tina, Tama Lundquist and their mom outside the event.
Candid portraits of the fabuilos Aaron
Houston Pet Set Rescue animals
During hurricane harvey, houston petset turned the astrohall into a giant animal shelter
Sysco happy hour, candid photos
Parish school board members
candids of a caretaker and puppy during hurricane Harvey
Women bring dogs to help children cope
Candid drinking at a gala
group of workers cheers a drink
conference audience watches the speaker
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