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Gorgeous Photoshoot w/ Dominique for Cover of RiverOaks Lifestyle Pub

One of my highlights in my photography career was getting to photograph the great Dominique Sachse of KPRC Chanel 2 News for the cover portrait of River Oaks Lifestyle Magazine. We were hired by the magazine (who naturally called the best photographer in Houston), and given a few samples of styles they wanted for this photoshoot. They picked the venue HouStone Art gallery, which had work by James Glassman on Houstorian at the time highlighting Houston culture through his artistic ability. The wardrobe was provided by Chloe Dao (a Project Runway winner).

This Lavender Wall Setup was amazing.

Dominique showed up with all the confident happy energy one could ever hope for in a photoshoot and hopped right into the scene ready to go and was ready to play along with a few of our ideas. As far as a celebrity portrait photography, I could not have asked for a better subject.

The River Oaks Wall went perfectly with this long gown by Chloe Dao
Ground Control to Major Tom, the NASA inspired wall was perfect
We loved this outfit, just look at those sleeves!
Such beauty and Grace in every photo (and her confidence abounds)

My most moving part of the shoot was when it was over. Dominique was all packed up and ready to go, it had just started to rain outside, she grabbed her umbrella, and in the same shoes she is wearing above, just strutted off into the rain like nothing mattered in the world. Her confidence was beautiful. Until we photograph her again…