Houston Photographer: A man is romantically proposing to a woman on a beautiful bridge as the skilled photographer captures their special moment.

Engagements and the Art of Surprise

We would like to ‘Propose’ some ideas…

We often have nervous partners reach out to us to photograph their surprise proposals. Many times the idea is for us to just hide in a bush and photograph the session as naturally as possible. The only problem is that it leaves too many variables in play that could cause us to miss key moments. What happens when another person stands right in the way, and we can’t see, but moving would cause our location to be given away? So we wanted to share a few ideas to help you have a reason why there just happens to be a full photography team on staff where you are going.

1: Couples Photos

How many GOOD photos of the two of you do you have? Whether you have 1 or 100’s, saying that you really want to get some nice photos of the two of you. The perk of us having a team, is there are several of us who can cause distractions and help her not notice that you are acting nervous and sweating. haha. I can be behind the camera, and Red can go fix her hair or makeup so that when she turns around, you are in the pose and she has perfect hair for the shot. This is an easy way to distract. I have done this with a client where I told him his shoe was untied, I played like I was going to tie it for him, and he had a knot, that I couldn’t get out, so he bent down to help, I slipped him the ring, stood up went back to the camera while talking to her as he feigned struggling with his shoe. When i got to the camera, I asked him what was taking so long, and naturally she looked down to see also.. Perfect shot.

2: The Right Place Right Time

I personally like this one. Many times, especially around major events like Valentine’s Day, New Years, Christmas, etc, people get suspicious over everything. So we can be out in a park, in a beautiful spot, already completely setup and we ask you if you would mind letting us photograph you to help us get ready for our BIG shoot in a little bit. This takes the pressure off of her. This isn’t a real photoshoot, were just having fun and helping some photographers.

3: Casualy Candid

I also like this version where we are out and we are actually photographing strangers in the area, and we just approach and ask if you would like to have us photograph you. We could make up a story about “it’s just 10$ and we take paypal”, we distract her, you get in pose, and she turns around. Then we go off together to take your post engagement shoot.

There are many, many more ideas to help disguise your surprise. We love to prank each other, and coming up with clever ideas to surprise someone is one of our favorite things to do. Whether we need to hide in a bush, or meet you on top of a building in downtown, we are ready to preserve your ‘once in a lifetime, surprise” in the highest possible quality.

We cant wait to talk to you and discuss your personalities, and help figure out how we can craft the perfect engagement session.

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