• birthday party
  • Group of women outside of a charity barbecue event
  • Dancing at a birthday party
  • Capturing a marathon runners first official marathon
  • Photographing the Moth Speaking event crowd holds up cellphones
  • Friends outside of a social event

Social Event Photography

Photos to prove that party happened even if you don't remember all of it

From destination birthday trips in California to bachelorette parties downtown, from music festivals to crawfish boils, we do social event photography like no other. We can read a crowd and see from across the room where the action is, which is a pivotal skill when photographing an event. There is a lot of planning involved in hosting, and the people who attend will want to remember that day so it is important to have a team vested in capturing all the fun that happens! We know that everyone who comes to your social gathering will have a phone with a camera, but having us there to be solely focused on photographing the event will ensure high quality, storytelling images that will preserve the memory of the day. Part of what makes event photography so much fun for us is the time we get to spend with people celebrating. Being brought along on a girls night out or even a family reunion, the moments that are shared between people who are close brings us joy. We are friendly, fun, and know how to have a good time while taking photos of your good time. You and your guests should enjoy the party, let us worry about the photography!

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event at a local bar
BLack and white husbandwife pre-baby party
John Tran poses at a festival while Dj
rasta musician plays acoustic guitar
amazing hair at a yoga festival
two women unicorns at a festival
woman celebrates birthdau with friends
mother daughter photo at a partry
James Allison at his Nobel Prize celebration
bokeh fun with MAgpie and Peacocks friends
frinds at a birthday party
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