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Providing Houston with Powerful Headshots

Welcome to the premier destination for headshots in Houston, where our expertise and attention to detail produce unrivaled results. Whether you prefer the controlled environment of our studio, the convenience of your own space, or the vibrant backdrop of our great city, we are equipped to meet you where you're most comfortable. It's time to put your best face forward. Allow us to capture you in the most flattering light, showcasing your professional persona. We provide flexible options for both individuals and groups, ensuring that our rates accommodate every need. Choose excellence—choose Chris Spicks Photography for headshots that set you apart.

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What Makes A GREAT Head Shot?

When it comes to outstanding Houston headshots, there's a diverse range of styles to consider. Acting headshots, for instance, must skillfully convey a spectrum of emotions and characters, serving as a visual portfolio for performers. Modeling headshots, on the other hand, are a canvas for showcasing versatility and the ability to embody various roles. Even in the corporate world, the qualities that define a great headshot can vary widely. Your professional identity and objectives play a pivotal role. A tenacious lawyer aims to exude confidence, while a real estate broker might opt for a warm and approachable demeanor. For artists, creativity takes center stage.

In today's digital age, LinkedIn has its own standards for an effective profile photo. Candid shots of you immersed in your work or confidently presenting to an audience can reinforce your personal brand and industry expertise. At Chris Spicks Photography, we understand the nuances of what makes a compelling headshot, and we're here to guide you in making the right choice.

Moreover, we believe in versatility. That's why we capture your headshot from three different angles: left, right, and direct. This approach ensures that you're ready for any platform or application, whether it's a business website, LinkedIn, or a trade show banner. Your headshot should never be the one that looks out of place. Trust us to create a headshot that aligns perfectly with your professional image.

What Should My Background Look Like? and What Should I Wear? 

When it comes to Houston headshots, Chris Spicks Photography understands that specific requirements often dictate the choice of background and attire. For many corporate headshots, especially in the context of new hires, companies have established standards that encompass background color, orientation, and other elements. These standards might entail a consistent blue background and a uniform direction in which individuals face. Therefore, it's essential to inquire about your company's guidelines before your photoshoot. Rest assured, at Chris Spicks Photography, we have the expertise to align with these specifications and maintain a cohesive look.

As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for headshot backgrounds have expanded significantly. Our capabilities extend beyond the traditional studio setting. We can capture studio-quality headshots outdoors, in urban settings, parks, within your office, or even in the lobby. The options are virtually limitless, and at Chris Spicks Photography, we're here to assist you in determining the backdrop that best complements your industry and professional image.

For individuals seeking headshots for personal use, versatility is key. At Chris Spicks Photography, we typically recommend having headshots taken against both a light and a dark background. This dual approach provides flexibility in how you use your photos. For instance, on platforms like LinkedIn, which features a white background, headshots with a light background can sometimes appear less distinct. Adding a touch of texture and color to your backdrop can help your profile photo stand out in that small circle.

When preparing for your headshot session with Chris Spicks Photography, we advise bringing at least one change of clothes. This ensures that you have options suitable for both light and dark backgrounds. Additionally, it's a good practice to include outfits that align with your professional expectations and one that reveals a bit more of your personality. While we encourage creativity, we recommend avoiding clothing with overly busy patterns that could distract from your face. Of course, there are exceptions, and at Chris Spicks Photography, we're open to exploring unique ideas that reflect your individuality.

outdoor headshot, studio lighting in front of green plants, blue suit casual
Shushana Castle, author headshot, glasses and brown hair
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environmental headshot, pale eyes, woman business, williams tower
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fitness model headshot, blonde male,dramatic
deutser houston headshot blonde male blue suit
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dramatic model actress female woman headshot
Woman Dentist headshot with long hair and big eyes in front of logo
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african american headshot natural hair leasing agent
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