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Underwater Photography is truly magical. You don't even have to get your face wet (it is nice if you can) for us to capture mystical images that will look amazing on your wall and have everyone asking what that experience was like.

We try to avoid cookie cutter photography, and you won't find us photographing 20 families in the same field on a Saturday.  We like to get you on the phone or in person, talk about ideas, brainstorm, learn who YOU are, get creative, and really create wall worthy art. Summer time is coming, and so it will be time for magical underwater photography. Let's break away from the typical and create something spectacular.

We love working with Memorial Living Magazine team. Photographing magazine covers puts us in creative and challenging situations every day.  We love to bring this commercial level of photography to all of our clients.

Our versatility and professionalism will always astound the families we photograph. Let us show you why we are the best choice for your family and why our commercial clients love us.

All we ask is that you schedule a brief call, you can meet/talk to us, and see our personalities, and we can explain our creative process.

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While you are here, take a moment to look at our work! Our PERSONAL portfolio and our COMMERCIAL Portfolio.

Chris Spicks Photography captures a creative and unique moment in Houston, featuring a bride and groom standing under water in their wedding dress.Candid Underwater Photo Red Dress SatinA woman in a dress captured in a creative photograph by Chris Spicks Photography, a talented Houston photographer.Immerse yourself in the captivating world of creative underwater photography captured by Chris Spicks, a talented Houston photographer. Witness the stunning imagery of a woman gracefully floating beneath the surface, elegantly