I really wish i had more time in Amsterdam, Netherlands, however it was a 1.5 day meeting with a client before we went to Berlin, Germany..

A canal with boats on it.
A canal with boats docked in it.
A ferris wheel in the middle of a city.
A large ferris wheel.
A yellow bus driving down a street.
A blue boat is docked in front of a row of buildings.
A man, clad in a sporty outfit, pedals rhythmically on his sleek mountain bike. His cheeks are flushed with the exertion and wind blowing against his face as he maneuvers through gentle slopes and sharp turns. His eyes spew an exhilarating mix of determination and unmatched joy - pure adoration for this liberating activity. The wheels spin relentlessly on the smooth pavement, every rotation echoing the consistency of his effort. Breaking free from worldly constraints, he conquers distances while serenely becoming one with nature- a sublime sight to behold indeed.