I spent 2 weeks in Berlin, Germany while working with a client, being able to walk around and explore through the rest of my free time.  I did learn that there are parts of the city that I should NOT go to alone.  I found this out after spending 2 hours in this area and watching a random person come urinate into a fountain that I was clearly photographing. After here, I headed down to Dresden Germany on the way down to Prague

An image of the reichstag building with a cloudy sky.
A large building with a golden sphere reflected in a body of water.
Brandenburg Gates of Berlin with light streaks at night
A tall building with a clock on top.
The brandenburg gate is lit up at night.
A black and white photo of a tree in the middle of a row of bricks.
Holocaust Memorial
A statue of a woman laying on a bench at night.
A fountain with statues and a clock tower in the background.
A fountain in a park.
A large glass building is lit up at night.
Architecture of a building in Berlin
Berlin cathedral under a cloudy sky.
Berlin cathedral at night.
Berlin cathedral reflected in the water at night.
A black and white photo of a cemetery at night.