Brussels, Belgium

After leaving Paris and heading to Brussels (I really wanted to drive from Paris to Amsterdam and hit Bruges and a few other places, but Amsterdam doesn't really have car rental/returns there, so a train was my best option.  I landed in Brussels a day early (oops) had to find a place for a night, ran into some amazing people and spent the night being shown around the city.  Then spent 5 more days here exploring.

A field of white daffodils under a cloudy sky.
A black and white photo of a man with a bicycle in front of a building.
A black and white photo of a city street with a clock tower.
A blue flower field with a statue in the background.
A close up of a bush with brown leaves.
A group of tulips in front of the eu tower in brussels, belgium.
A group of mirrored balls on top of a building.
A cathedral is reflected in a pond at night.
A view of a city at night with a garden in the background.
Brussels, brussels, brussels, brussels, brussels, brussels,.