Cusco, Peru

Was flown down to Cusco Peru with a client to document their Ayahuasca experience in Cusco and then took some personal time to travel to Machu Picchu.  These are my photos from the trip.  I was shocked how much you could do with very little money.  We went 4 wheeling, a drive in a taxi for about an hour outside of town, and then on a 4 hour excursion, with lunch included, for $27. Machu Picchu was a blast. Wear bug spray, the mosquitoes there are tiny, and they don't itch for 4 days, but when they kick in, oh dear god. I was on the flight home when they got me.  Also, the train ride back from Machu Picchu is SO much better than the psychotic bus drive there.  However both had their views and experiences, and I would not have traded either one.

We did make it to Rainbow Mountain, and be warned, RAINBOW MOUNTAIN IS NO JOKE.  It is Mt Everest base camp elevation, the air is thin, and unless you are in pretty good shape, it is VERY rough.  I was carrying all of my gear and I am 6'3, 235lbs.. So if you are 5'7 and carrying water, you may be perfect for the trip.  That said, it was beautiful and I do suggest it.

A dirt road with mountains in the background.
A view of a colorful valley under a stormy sky.
The sun rays are shining through a mountain range.
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A lake reflects the mountains in the background.
A narrow street in a city at dusk.
A small dog standing on a sidewalk.
An old vw beetle parked on a street.
A man wearing a helmet on a motorcycle.
A man is standing next to a herd of sheep.
A black and white photo of a cobbled street in cusco.
A group of people walking down a cobblestone street.
A desert landscape with mountains and clouds in the background.
Machu picchu, machu picchu, machu picchu, machu picchu, machu picchu,.
A view of the city of cusco from the top of a hill.
A llama standing next to a stone wall.