Dresden, Germany

On the journey from Berlin to Prague, stopped in at Dresden. I gathered equipment to go photo the city, left at 11:50pm, parked and as I opened my car door and the interior lights came on, it turned midnight and the entire cities lights went off.  Surreal timing, literally instant as I opened the car door.  At least I captured some earlier in the day before they shut the lights off.

The sky is cloudy.
A man in a top hat is blowing bubbles in a square.
A building lit up at dusk in front of a cloudy sky.
Dresden cathedral at dusk - dresden cathedral, dresden, dresden.
A pond with a building reflected in it.
A church with a steeple under a cloudy sky.
A church with a steeple in the middle of a cobblestone road.
An archway with a building in the background.
The arches are made of stone.
A hallway with arches.
An ornate building at night.