We spent 14 days traveling around lower Ireland from Shannon, to Dingle, to Ennis, then up to Kinvarra, to Galway, up to Castlebar, over to Dublin, down to Kikenny, and back to fly out Shannon.  Galway was my favorite place along that trip, can't wait to go back. 

A lake surrounded by mountains under a cloudy sky.
A lake with mountains in the background.
A field with grass and mountains under a cloudy sky.
A stone tower with a clock on it.
A view of a grassy hill with a lake in the background.
A road leading up to a cliff with a view of the ocean.
A bird is sitting on top of a rocky cliff.
A road leading to the ocean on the cliffs of ireland.
A seagull is standing on top of a wall near the ocean.
A green hillside near the ocean with houses on it.
A rocky beach with water and a cloudy sky.
A black and white photo of a dirt road in the fog.
A castle sits on the edge of a lake in ireland.
A statue of a man holding a spear and a lion.
A woman playing a violin in front of a man.
A man playing a mandolin in a pub.
A pond with a yellow tree in the middle of it.
A woman with a backpack looking out over a field.