Las Vegas, Nevada

In my free time, I like to play pool (sticks, balls, etc), and our team won the chance to go to Vegas and play.  Like I do, I took my camera with me and tried to find as many adventures as I could.  When you think Vegas, you imagine the main strip, however it is nearly impossible to shoot there due to the massive LED signs they have EVERYWHERE.  Not saying the gaudiness is beautiful, but it is sad when you cant take photos of the excessive lighting because there is even MORE excessive lighting that ruins your shots.  Almost any fun photo on the strip was ruined by some GIANT sign advertising the local strip club, or another hotel deal.  To get away from it, we went out to Red Rock Canyon.

Light trails on a highway under a stormy sky.
A mountain in the distance.
Lightning strikes over the las vegas strip.
Las vegas hotel & casino - las vegas hotel & casino - las vegas hotel &.
A blurry image of a building at night.
A street with palm trees and buildings at night.
Black and white photo of a man playing billiards.
The sun shines through the clouds over the mountains in zion national park, utah, utah, u.