A black and white photo of a woman splashed with water captured by Houston Photographer, Chris Spicks Photography.

Have You Ever Seen Water Balloon Family Portraits?

Who doesn’t love water balloons

“I want something different,” she said, not knowing just where these words would take us. Our clients are not your typical families, and this one did not want a typical portrait. They did have a pool in the backyard and definitely enjoyed the water. Trying to come up with something dramatic, powerful, and atypical was a challenge. We had just purchased some fun equipment which is used for high speed photography, and in this moment we were inspired to use it. ( We have some BTS of us having a lot of fun with the water balloons )

To make things a little easier, we had them pose, and placed a thumbtack on their head.  We didn’t want to risk the balloon NOT popping.  This gave us perfect pops every time. We also had a blast seeing who wanted to be the one to drop the balloon on each family members heads.

So we have these amazing photos.. Now, what to do with them? 

We reached out to a vendor we have used in our advertising world and printed these lenticular prints that provided the perfect method to show the action.  Now when anyone walks into their house, guests spend time moving around watching these unique portraits come to life.